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Name of the Baby Allah Bux
Father's Name: Parial Bux
Mother's Name: Karima
Residential Location: Village Qadir Bux; Taluka Mehar, District Dadu

Karima is the mother of twenty one days old Mohammad Pariyal born at home; who caught Pneumonia soon after his birth. Being born in chilly January the parents were a bit hesitant to take out their son besides their impoverished background didn't allow to afford heavy expenses incurred on their son's illness so they relied on home remedies initially but realizing his deteriorating condition brought their son to DHQ Dadu where he got treatment from CDO ARI Center team under the constant supervision of CDO medical officers. The baby started to improve with the passage of time & was sent back home after being hospitalized for almost a week.

Karima the happy mother shared, "My 'sahara' (in laws) were not favoring our decision of taking Allah Bux to the hospital but I already lost one of my daughter last year in winters because of the same "bukhar"(fever). My husband was also saying that it would involve lots of money but someone from our village told us about this center and we got free treatment & medicine from here".

The family praised the quality of medicine & the fast relieve that they brought. The doctors also disseminated information through Awareness Sessions about how to save children during winters, tips to keep them warm at home, what to feed them with, when to take ailing child to the doctor & to ensure 'rational use of medicine'.

The story of Karima & Allah Bux reveals the importance for the establishment of ARI centers well in time. Pneumonia is currently responsible for taking away lives of hundreds of under five children & through ARI Centers establishment we could save our children from death well in time.

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